Raptisoft Privacy Statement

Effective Date: April 5th, 2017

Short Version
Raptisoft will not collect any personal information of any kind from your association with Raptisoft games or Makermall. E-mails will not be used in any way unless they are entered in the mailing list webpage. All user information can and will be removed on request. Levels, comments, and information shared on Makermall are considered to be public domain and not subject to copyright or other protections.

For freeware/Ad supported versions of games: The ad providers may record information about ad interaction over a secure connection. If you purchase the option to disable ads, this horror ends.

Longer Version
If you simply play the game and do not create a Makermall account, Raptisoft collects no information about you whatsoever. If you create a Makermall account, Raptisoft will store your username, encrypted password, and e-mail address in our database.

Password encryption is via a one-way algorithm that, even if cracked, will not reveal the actual password. E-mails are only used to verify (via activation link) that the user is not a spambot or other nefarious web agent, or for account recovery.

Because we cannot control who sees a level that is uploaded for sharing, all publicly shared levels, comments, and information are considered to be public domain. The creator retains no privacy rights to level design, content, or features.

All information related to a user account can and will be removed from Raptisoft servers at the request of the user.

For freeware/Ad supported versions of games: To better serve ads or something the ad companies will record how you interact with their ads, and record your device identifier. This is done over a secure connection, and they don't collect personal information. They DO share your ad behaviors with other ad companies so they can optimize getting their ad hooks into everyone. All Raptisoft games provide an option to "purchase the game in full" and disable ads. If you disable ads, then no data about your device or habits gets shared or transmitted anywhere.